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The IMCM-Expert certification covers all phases of a change management process:

  • exploration,

  • diagnosis,

  • complementary studies,

  • designing a suitable support mechanism,

  • launch and kick-off,

  • pilot and management,

  • implementation,

  • consolidation,

  • capitalization.

IMCM certification

Have your skills in change management
recognised in three days.
International certification in change management.


The IMCM certification enables you to have your skills recognised and completed in only three days.


It has been developed in a partnership between various companies and universities.

It is available in English, French, German, Italien and Arabian.


The certification can be prepared in two steps:

  (1) validation of knowledge after an accelerated 3-day training (certified level).

  (2) assessment of your practice by a jury, based on three experience feedbacks (expert level).

The IMCM certification allows you to work on the human (barriers and levers), technical (integration and actual performance gains), or economic (costs/benefits) aspects of a change process.

This Certification allows you to work on your skills in facilitation, leadership, attention, clarity, analysis, argumentation, interaction, negotiation and resilience.


Network of experts

An international network of experts.

IMCM is also a community of practice between change management professionals who regularly enrich this unique body of knowledge with their shared practice and experience.

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