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15 countries

5 languages

15 to 20% network growth per year

Online discussion platform.

Shared body of knowledge .

Annual summer school.

Continuously enrich, consolidate and update your knowledge and skills in change management with the IMCM's network

The IMCM's network is made of change management experts, from various cultures, industries and positions.

This network enables you to diversify your strategies in change management and share best practices and experiences.

Sub-groups of members regularly deliver best practices collections, conceive new models and write white papers.

Membership is free but exclusive to IMCM certified members and experts.

Membership also enables the access to an online shared body of knowledge and shared documents, which are constantly updated by members and network facilitators. You can find tools, video testimonies and templates.

Groups of members regularly meet online for web-conferences to work on hot subjects and share their experience.

A summer school enables certified members and experts to meet annually.

Recent workshops:

  • Key success factors in using rapid change mode.

  • Particularities of managing change in hospitals.

  • Improvements in managing groups facing change.

  • Centralised management of change portfolio.

  • Digital transformation in banking.

  • Industry 4.0: how to get prepared.

  • Innovation: a too slow process of change ?

  • Change and strategic intelligence.

  • etc.

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